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Focus on Client ConcernsOpenFocus on Client Concerns

Making a property decision is stressful. Our priority is ensuring that your concerns are addressed before, during and after the inspection. In the case of real estate pre-purchase inspections, our clients usually want to know: Should I buy this house/property? Will it meet my requirements? and What repairs/upgrades and needed, when and at what cost?

(See - Should I buy this house and What should you Expect)

Our unique triage style reports are focused on addressing your concerns, by providing an itemized description for immediate and short-term necessary repairs, as well as long-term discretionary upgrades. Our reports are easy to read and concise. They provide recommendations and ballpark cost estimates to help you make decisions.


Commercial airline pilots claim that they are paid over $200,000 each year to work for two minutes. Most of the time they routinely fly on autopilot, but their experience and training helps them recognize and handle unexpected situations. Similarly, the experience and knowledge of your home inspector is crucial for recognizing and reporting unusual conditions. Despite almost 30 years of experience, we are continually encountering new situations. We may not always have the answers, but we usually know what questions to ask to find out. Our disciplined evidence based approach is fundamental to our work. Our expertise includes building science, thermography, building codes, construction practices and indoor air quality. We are inquisitive, and have had proposed code changes adopted.

(See CSA and What are your qualifications)


Most of our inspection work relies on looking for anomalies- conditions that are present that should not be, and conditions that should be present but aren't. We frequently use test equipment to verify visual observations. A good example is the use of moisture meters to trace the source of a leak. The key is knowing when to use specific test equipment and the limitations of its use. Despite our innovations and tool junkie reputation, we follow Albert Einstein's advice, “ Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” You must know what conditions to expect and how various building assemblies and equipment should perform.

Industry LeadershipOpenIndustry Leadership

Terry Carson, the owner and operator of Guardian Home Inspectors Inc. founded the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors in 1986. He initiated the Ontario Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors ASHI and helped form other Canadian Chapters. He received The ASHI Member of the Year Award in 1989. He was responsible for The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act in 1994, and developing its bylaws, education standards and many of its programs.

Terry has been instrumental in development of standards, education and examinations for home inspectors. He served as Chair of the Exam Committee of the American Society of Home Inspectors, Chair of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Board of Examiners and Technical Committees, as well as serving on numerous committees and task forces. He developed the insurance qualification exam for Canadian Association of Home Inspectors. He is largely responsible for development of the original curriculum for the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors and the Defect Recognition and Reporting Course.

Testimonials & AwardsOpenTestimonials & Awards


The following two unsolicited articles are somewhat tongue in cheek, but provide feedback on how we conduct home inspections and address client concerns.

Your Home - Home Inspection is a crucial precaution
by Andrew Gorham, Town Crier, November 1999

Globe and Mail
by Leah MacLaren, March 2004


The following three awards demonstrate Terry Carson's leadership contributions to the home inspection profession.

American Society of Home Inspectors
Member of the Year Award

Canadian Association of Home Inspectors
Stephen Greenford Award

Ontario Association of Home Inspectors
Special Recognition Award for the
Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act, 1994


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